My Beauty

For as long as I could remember I was always reminded that being thin was beautiful. From the television shows that I use to watch as a kid, to the constant thin models, actresses, and musicians on any form of media as an adult.

If you do not meet the unobtainable look that society has placed on women, then your ugly. According to society and the believers of this made up beauty book, having a little chub is undesirable. Wanting to walk around with the face that you were born with instead of the one that you put on everyday is considered disliking that kind of beauty. Preferring to wear your natural hair over false hair doesn’t meet beauty standards either.

A lot of people would consider being curvy is what society wants you to be, but even societal’s curviness includes yours arms, legs, and stomach to remain thin. You’re still not allowed to have any chub.

Over the years, I have struggles with my weight. It has gone up and down. I have never been thin. I have always been on the curvy side with chub, a little extra, more to love, whatever you want to call the extra pounds thats not considered attractive or beautiful. I have all these other great qualities and they have been overlooked because the general population, males and females, focus primarily on beauty.

I am slowly learning to accept my beauty. I am learning to love myself. That has been one of my biggest challenges living in a world full of beauty standards. My beauty is just as beautiful as the thin person and the curvy person.


I am a writer and a business owner.

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