Is college worth it?

This question has been plaguing my mind ever since I have graduated college.  I graduated with my bachelor’s in English and a minor in Film Studies. I have learned a lot while attending college. I have learned a lot about myself. I have learned a lot about the world through the eyes of my peers and professor’s. Also, through the material that I was taught. I had changed my major four times before settling down with English. I had to come to the realization that I was going to college for myself. I had to realize that I had to choose my future. I couldn’t let society, money, or the people around me decide the fate of my future. I also have met some very interesting people. I overcame so many stresses and anxiety attacks that made me the person I am today.

Although college have had some good benefits, it also can be seen as not worth it. College is a big money scheme or business. People pay tons of money to obtain a degree, then have to go out into the world to find a job and sometimes it takes years for someone to even get a job. Nowadays, entry level jobs are requiring people to have two years of experience and a bachelor’s degree. If you think about it, how is a person, fresh out of college, is suppose to have two years of experience for a specific job, when they have dedicated roughly four years going to college, trying to obtain these entry level positions?

Also, I have my degree in English. When I tell people that, they automatically think that I want to be a teacher. I was in the English Education program and realized that it wasn’t for me. I want to be a writer (and own my own business someday). I realized that I couldn’t get entry level writing jobs anywhere. I have applied for lots of places, mostly out of state, and nothing. I am finding ways to launch my writing career. I have started this blog, I am going to be trying to publish an ebook pretty soon, I have three scripts written that I need to finish writing and editing, I have numerous short stories, but I feel confident in about three of them, and I have a host of poetry that I have written. I have to find ways to gain some writing experience in order for someone to even glance at my resume. Even though I have had decent jobs, my resume will still get overlooked by someone who has on the books writing experience.

I blame college. College gives people false hopes and dreams with a mean bill at the end. Unless, your trying to become a lawyer, teacher, or anything in the health field, college will fail you. If you want to be a radio show host, rethink about going to college. If you want to own your own business, go ahead and start it without that college degree. If you want to be a chef, start cooking and bringing in your own business. College will be a waste of time for people who doesn’t want to be something practical in life. Again, college has definitely taught me a lot, but in my opinion, it’s not worth it? It’s just a way to get people’s money.


I am a writer and a business owner.

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