To my mother, father, Grandmother’s, brother’s sister’s, aunts, uncles, cousins, nephew and nieces, I love you. I wouldn’t ask for a different family. You have all influenced my life in some shape or form. Whether it was good or bad, I thank you.

To my mother side of the family, I have always felt like my sister’s and I received the most judgement. We have always had this perceived notion about us that we will never amount to anything in life or that we were some dirty, nasty kids. I am here to tell you that I am proving you wrong. I am going to succeed without the support you never gave. All I have ever gotten was judgement and told that I needed to become something more practical in life. To all the family members who have said mean things to me (trust me, I remember), revenge will taste so sweet when I am where I want to be. I still love you though and there is no hard feelings.

To my father side of the family, I wish I knew you all more. I blame my father for not taking me around you guys often when I was younger. Every time I see someone, I feel like I have always been around you. That’s a plus. I never feel like an outsider or not part of the family. I hope all is well and that everyone is being their best selves. I love you and I wish nothing but the best.

To my mother, don’t give up. No matter what people say, I see that you are trying. Nobody is prefect and everyone has made plenty of mistakes before. You have been going through a lot for these past couple of year, but in the end you will come out on top. You will become stronger then you have ever been. I love you.



I am a writer and a business owner.

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