A Day Off

Taking a “Me” day was something that I haven’t done in a while. It was something that I needed to do. I just needed to have no connection to the outside world and just enjoy some time alone to myself. I put my cell phone in my drawer and left it there. I didn’t bother it until later that night. I didn’t tell anyone anything. I just took a “Me” day. It was so relaxing.

Taking this time out of my busy life made me realize that I should do this at least once a week. I just got the chance to clear my head of some of the things that worried me. I didn’t do anything extravagant on this time away from my busy schedule, but it did give me inspiration to write about something. I took my hair down, caught up on a television show that I normally watch, and I did some more of my business planning.

I had a rough month, so taking this day off from the rest of the world was just what I needed for myself. It’s a good relaxation technique that I am going to incorporate into my life more often. Usually, I would take a few minutes to an hour or so throughout the day for myself, but a whole day was so much better. Also, not telling someone about it makes it even better because when you tell people that you jut want some time to yourself, they are always thinking something is wrong, but, you just don’t want to be bothered. You want peace and quiet and to be in you own sanctuary. Good thing I’m not a social media junkie because I don’t think my “Me” day would have been a real day off if I was so addicted to social media. I return to work tomorrow. That’s just a reminder that it’s back to reality.


I am a writer and a business owner.

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