Learning, Learning, and More Learning


As I have been starting up my new business, I have been learning a lot of new things. From the legal part of it to the fun part of it. I just wanted to share one of the fun things that I learned about this whole journey. So, my business is going to be selling skin care products that are made from natural ingredients. The website will be up soon.

One of the ingredients that I learned that is in soap is an ingredient called lye. In bar soap, is called sodium hydroxide and in body wash its potassium hydroxide. To work with this ingredient, you must wear gloves and googles because it can be poisonous. When I learned that, I started to get a little scared because I didn’t want to harm myself or any of the people in my apartment using this ingredient. In the case of making bar soap, when you use sodium hydroxide and start mixing it with the oils that you want to incorporate into your soap, your soap is now considered saponified and you have your base. Most successful soaps (Dove, Dial etc.) uses lye but it’s either transformed into glycerin or castile soap which are considered typical bases, or goats milk. My immediate thought when I learned this is well if lye is a poisonous chemical how can my soap be natural. Apparently when the soap is saponified, it’s no longer considered poisonous or dangerous because the harsh properties in the lye have been diluted into a natural substance that can be used on your skin.

I still have not figured out if I want to use this method of creating the soaps yet. There are other ways I can create the products. I’m trying to be as natural as I can possibly be. I don’t want to give away too much detail yet, but my skin product line will be out soon.


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