Do You Like Stuff To Last Long?

Something that I learned while researching FDA regulations for my skin care products is that making natural products from scratch doesn’t have a long shelf life. Products that contain water requires a preservative to have a long shelf life. A lot of people have this misconception that Vitamin E oil is a natural preservative, but that is not true. It provides an antioxidant agent to products to slow down the process or oxidizes natural products from becoming potent and unusable. Since I’m selling my products online, I need to have a preservative for my products. When I learned that natural products don’t last long, I had got scared. So, I had to do some research on how to make them last long. I found a preservative that I could use that’s natural and plus I will use the Vitamin E as well.

Since I’m using a preservative, not only do I have follow FDA regulations, I must be careful about what product I use the preservative for. I might have to use other preservatives for other products. I will say bar soap has been the easiest so far to deal with. It can last with or without preservatives. Also, to keep contaminates away from bar soap is using plastic wrap when the soap is finished to store it. When I go into stores and look in the natural section at all the products, I see all the bar soaps in plastic wrap.


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