Deodorant is a hygiene product that people use every day without thinking about what deodorant is actually made of. People usually just pick up their favorite deodorant that goes well with their body scent, have a great smell, doesn’t make them sweat profusely, or goes with their skin sensitivity. I have been using dove for years, but within the past month I have switch to clinical protection because it works better as far as keeping my underarms under control from sweating a lot. The downfall about the clinical protection is that the scent doesn’t last long. It’s not 48 hours lasting.

With me being into natural products, starting my own natural skin care products, and doing a lot of the research, I started to look up the ingredients that were in my everyday deodorant that I use. Some of them I were already aware of and the harm they cause for the skin. I had already had known that the aluminum compounds in deodorant was linked to causing breast cancer, but I had no idea that it puts men at a higher risk for prostate cancer. Also, I found out that it can cause the development Alzheimer’s disease and it interferes with estrogen levels. I found that interesting because something so simple as deodorants can possibly affect us in different ways that I wouldn’t even think of. Parabens that’s also in deodorant are linked to causing breast cancer and prostate cancer.

I won’t get into all of the harmful ingredients that deodorants carry, but I will include some of the ones that I was shocked about. One of the ingredients that was shocking to me was propylene glycol. This ingredient is known to be a harsh chemical. It does some damaging to the nervous system. At 2% of this chemical can be damaging, but typically deodorants have a high dosage of this ingredient. About 50% of Propylene Glycol is in Deodorant. Another thing that kind of shocked me was that two chemicals called triethanolamine (TEA) and diethanolamine (DEA) that are present in some deodorants that seek into the skin and causes problems with the liver and kidneys. The liver filters out toxins in the body, so imagine your deodorant causing problems to your liver. Your kidneys are important for your urinary system. Nothing needs to mess with that either. The last ingredient that I want to say was surprising to me was triclosan. When triclosan is combined with water it creates an ingredient called chloroform which is a carcinogenic gas. Just imagine putting a gas on your armpits.

If your going to be trying or switching over to natural deodorants, then it’s a good idea to do a detox under your arms. A lot of sweating will happen because deodorants have antiperspirants in them and you may smell because you are detoxing. When you start to do this it will be an easier transformation to natural deodorants.


I am a writer and a business owner.

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