Some blogs are just casual chatter. Some people use them as online diaries to reveal their thoughts and observations and share them with anyone who cares enough to read them. Some blogs are used for business purposes. Business owners and companies uses blogs to spread the word about themselves and what they are selling. They also use their blogs as the scapegoat to make money. I say this not in a bad way. I am starting to consider myself as a business woman. Also, I am using my blog to make money as well. I am using it as a tool for marketing. I talk about my products, my problems I have encountered, and just everything that I have gone through when starting my business. I want my journey to inspire others so, that’s how I use my blog as a tool for marketing.

Initially, I wanted to start my blog to get my writing out there. I am a writer as well. When I first thought of the idea of starting a blog, I thought maybe I should put up some of my poems and short stories that I have written on my blog. That didn’t necessarily happen. When I started to tell people that I was starting a blog, they would ask me “what was it about?” I had no answer for them. By then, I had already written a few things on my blog and they were scattered themes. When I started my business and I had stuff to share with everyone, I started to have a topic to talk about. With that being said, I started to use my blog as a marketing tool for my skin care products. I’m sharing all of my knowledge with my everyone and my journey. I’m trying to mostly sell my products and not myself. I use my blog to promote and manage an image that I want to maintain.

Next, I will be creating a link to my website where everyone can see my progress, my skin care products, and hopefully purchase some of my amazing skin care products. My website is currently under construction, but when it’s up and running I will use my blog to as a marketing tool to get perspective customers. I enjoy what I do because I am trying to promote healthy skin with using only natural ingredients to enhance your skins appearance whether you’re a male, female, child, or infant.


I am a writer and a business owner.

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