There are simple rules that I believe people should follow when advertising something. Advertising is important when trying to attract perspective customers. Following these simple rules, will help you bring in customers especially, if you’re a new business owner just like myself. Regardless of the medium, the message, the mood, or the creative direction these rules are beneficial.

One of the most important rules I would have to say is know your objective and stay on strategy. When you write a resume, the first thing you put on it is the objective. Why? Because employers want to know your goal. So, when your advertising it’s important to know your goal and stay on top of it. You want to do things and come up with a strategy that will help you stay on top of your objective.

Another rule that I think is most important is be honest. Have you ever heard of honesty is the best policy? In advertising, this rule applies. Making false claims will only anger perspective customers. Have you ever had a coupon or seen a sale sign and didn’t read the fine print? Then you go into a store thinking you got a deal because of the advertisement that was portrayed to you, but in reality, the sale was something different then what you had thought? Places who does these kinds of advertising aren’t lying, but they are hiding the truth a little bit in the fine print. So, be as honest as possible without having to hide behind the fine print.

Be specific and original. Always specify in your advertising what it is that your advertising whether it’s for a sale coming up or your introducing a new product to your place of business. The originality of your business and successful advertising campaigns comes from being specific and straight to the point. Basically, no false advertising plays a part in this rule as well. you want to be clear ad concise.

Another couple of rules everyone should know about advertising is don’t overpromise or exaggerate, don’t be self-centered and arrogant, do not hard-sell, and don’t insult, offend, or discriminate when your trying to get your point across and reach your objective.

Following these simple rules will enable any business owner to have great advertisement for their establishment.


I am a writer and a business owner.

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