Sorry for my absence for the folks that have been reading my blogs regularly. I have been doing a lot of couple of things. I want to talk about some of my recipes and the execution of some of them. I have been making some of my ingredients and loving the process at the same time. It’s a lot of work for sure. I wish I had a second set of hands to help me sometimes, but it’s all a work in progress. I just realized I had to come up with a method that works best for me. With that being said the website should be up sooner than expected.

I want to talk about recipes and the execution of them because some of them worked and some of them didn’t turn out how I expected them to. I had to create things over, I had to figure out why things were meshing well, it was just so much stuff that went wrong that kind of had me ready to just give up. I had made this bod scrub. I wanted it to turn out right so bad. What I did to all of my products was, I made it using my recipe and ingredients, let it sit overnight to see if the preservatives were used right, and to see if my product would last long enough. This was one of the many tests that I did to make sure it was a safe product to use. So, I let the scrub sit overnight. The scrubs and the oils in the scrubs ended up separating. Even though I put the preservatives and antioxidant in the scrub to prevent this from happening, this still ended up happening.

Also, I made two body washes and they both turned out good, but one of them wasn’t a pleasant color. It was nice and soapy and it worked well on the skin, but I couldn’t see me selling something to people that had an uninviting color. Also, the tea tree oil had a very strong smell also. Another one of my body washes turned out really well. I wanted my body wash to be a creamy consistency. I put my products in the cabinet to keep them in a dark place to keep them from contaminations. The creaminess of the body wash decreased overnight.

I made a body butter that turned out perfectly that is definitely going on the market. Its been a week and it is still in tack, free of contaminants, and ready to use. The body butter has showed me how much raw coco butter has a strong scent, so sometimes I have to mask it down a bit. This has me thinking about revamping my natural skin care product line. So, now I have something new in store for everybody, but the same concept. Also, I am changing the processing in which I am going to sell my products. The way that I had it before was going to take way more time then the new way I am introducing. So some revamping was definitely what I needed to do to speed up the process to make my business run more smoothly, faster, and efficiently. That’s always important to consider when you are a business person and you are trying to attract perspective customers and buyers and trying to keep them as well.


I am a writer and a business owner.

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