I consider myself a business woman. One of my business endeavors is writing an e-book and I wanted to share some of the things I think people should think about when they are considering writing and publishing an e-book. I came up with the idea of writing an e-book because I wanted to start getting writing experience and exposure. My blog helps with some writing experience because it has helped with my writing habits. I am writing more because now I feel like I have a reason to write every day. I was having trouble of getting into the groove of writing something every day. Starting this blog has helped me develop better writing habits; however, writing this e-book has helped me try something that I’m not good at.

When your writing a story, novel, poetry, etc., you must be descriptive to make it interesting and appealing to your readers. I have never been able to succeed at being descriptive. Although, I do enjoy writing poetry and short stories, writing a complete book has never been my specialty. I am good at writing scripts though. I love coming up with ideas and getting them on paper, in the right format, and just writing and seeing it flow on the paper. Also, watching the character grow on paper. Starting an e-book has been challenging and different, but has been a learning experience for me, that is why I am writing about e-books. I want to share my research and findings about publishing them.

There is basics about e-books that anyone should know when you’re getting into this business. The goal is to create a successful e-book that readers will love so you can make money, build an online platform, and covey your message to wide audience. To write a successful e-book, don’t think about the money. Think about the intended audience and tailor your content and writing style to them. Also, do your research on the genre your writing in. You want your e-book to well written and edited with a nice presentation.

Choosing a platform that you want your e-book to be published on is important as well. Knowing what is out there and the overview of each platform can help you choose wisely. Selling your e-book from your own website means you can keep all the profits. No retailer can take a cut of what you make from sales. If you have a blog, your readers are going to be your most loyal customers. This is always going to be a great option for independent publishers. Amazon is another popular site that people sell e-books on. It actively encourages self-publishing because the process is straight forward. Selling your book on Amazon can be tricky though because if you write a specialized e-book with a small potential audience but a high retail price, you’ll make much more money selling it from your own website, due to Amazon’s royalty structure and customer expectation. There is also Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Sony that all have online stores that smashword will distribute the e-book for you. Every store has different and complex requirements. They have different royalty payouts, formatting guidelines, and so many other things that are different from one another.

Knowing the basics of writing an e-book is the first step in writing a successful e-book. You always want to keep your readers wanting more and you want them to devote loyalty to your style of writing, so knowing the basics is always a start. Define your writing style and stick with it. Know how you’re going to publish it because that plays a role in how your perspective readers will purchase your book and how you will receive your payments also.


I am a writer and a business owner.

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