No one likes blemished skin. If you’re a person like me, then blemishes love your skin They never give you a break after a pimple, then you must wait for time to pass for them to lighten up on your skin. It can be annoying. It can make you feel self-conscious about showing certain areas of your body. It’s always a hassle trying to find the right products that help decrease the appearance of blemishes. This can be a problem for all skin types and colors. Whether you have dark skin or light skin, oily skin or dry skin, blemishes can affect anyone. It causes hyperpigmentation, and no one likes an uneven skin complexion.

Instead of going to the store and buying all these expensive products that contains all these harmful ingredients anyway, how about trying something more natural. I have been developing a body cream and a soap that will help with hyperpigmentation. I decided to create something for this because I had gone to my dermatologist and she had told me it was nothing she could do about my blemished skin. She said that I would have to wait and overtime they would clear up and become lighter, which in fact is true. I have had an acne problem since I was about six years old. I had started puberty early and acne bumps and blemished just invaded my skin for years. As I got older, they appearance of blemishes on my face, back and chest started to clear up, but what about the blemishes and bumps that I get occasionally when I’m having a random breakout.

The product that I will be selling on my website contains natural ingredients that will help with all these skin problems that can be annoying to many people. It’s all about the ingredients used in a product and being consistent with using it. Raw and unfiltered African black soap is a great soap base for acne prone skin. It washes away impurities and cleanse the skin. It’s also good for sensitive skin types as well. If you have oily skin, it can reduce the oil in the pores. This can help get rid of the blemishes, dark spots, and facial and body acne. My soaps and body butters will also contain tea tree oil. This is an inti-inflammatory agent that will calm redness, swelling and inflammation reducing the appearance of acne, blemishes, and dark spots. Tamanu oil is another oil that has a lot of benefits for the skin. It is especially a great oil to use if you have oily skin. The benefits of this oil are it’s a natural treatment for acne scars, eczema, psoriasis, toenail fungus, stretch marks, age spots, skin rashes, general scarring, dermatitis thought to anti-aging. Sandalwood, geranium, grapefruit, and lavender are also other oils that have the same affects as the other ones that were mentioned. Raw and unfiltered shea butter, mango butter, kokum butter, cocoa butter are all great bases for lotions that will help with these skin issues because it gives your skin the necessities that it needs such as Vitamin E, to keep it looking youthful and clarified.


I am a writer and a business owner.

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