Body Washes

Does anybody pay attention to the texture of the body creams and lotions, or body washes they use? When I started my business and started doing research from ingredients and recipes to FDA regulations, I never noticed how important thickness and consistency would be when making your own skin care products. Every time I make a new product, I run into a new problem that I must find a solution to.

I want to talk about body washes. Body washes have been very tricky for me to make successfully. I have asked around and surveyed people about what kinds of body washes do they prefer, creamy or non-creamy? Most people have said they liked creamy body washes. I have found ingredients that contribute to making body washes creamy, but the issues I ran into were bubbles, stickiness, some oils wouldn’t mix well, and I had a hard time I had textural issue. I have made body washes a couple times, using different ingredient and trying to make it work. It was a challenge, but I figured it out.

One of the ingredients that I used was xantham gum. This ingredient hasn’t been the best, but it hasn’t been the worst. It has been a great additive to help thicken up some of my body washes, but after a while it makes my washes feel sticky. Also, if you use too much of it and don’t sprinkle a little at a time as your whisking the products together, you will get clumps of it in your products as you let it sit. I am going to try this other natural thickener in my shampoo’s and conditioner’s and see how they turn out. If I like how they come out, I will use that in my body washes. If not, then maybe body washes won’t be on the market as a start out product when my website goes live.


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