Diet Teas: Fab or Fad?

I recently joined Instagram and I must say there is a lot of bullshit on there. I’m not down playing it or anything because I have never really been into the whole social media thing, but I know there can be some benefits from using it. That’s not what this post is about. I wanted to write this because I wanted to talk about all these natural tea’s I see celebrities promoting on Instagram. I am all for doing things natural, but I had to see about this whole natural tea thing and seeing if it worked.

The most intriguing story to me was rapper Cardi B story. She said after she had her baby and started getting back into the swing of things and started to lose weight, she used the tea called teami. She used it to curb her appetite. She said that she lost more weight then she wanted to, but it helped.

Over the past couple months, I have been dieting to lose weight the natural way. Dieting and exercise have been my method. I have read that people were taking these teas and were losing 5 pounds in one week and just these drastic results. I will say that when I first started losing weight, I did lose 7 pounds my first week, so it is possible. I bought one of those dieting teas and tried it out. They consist of a lot of natural herbs, so it says. The taste wasn’t really that great, so I had to add lemon and coffee creamer to it so I’m able to even drink it. I continued to watch what I eat but exercising lacked because of the carpal tunnel surgery that I had and the recovering process. I had one cup in the morning. I will say I did find it useful to be a meal replacement for breakfast. It did help curb my appetite a little bit, but as soon as you miss a cup of that tea, your hunger goes back to normal. I didn’t really lose much weight the entire time I drank the tea. I lost about three pounds. I guess if I drank it much longer, then maybe it could have worked better.

It did contain natural herbs. I can’t remember what the natural herbs in it were, but in the tea bag you can see all of the herbs. You don’t have to order those special kinds of teas that the celebrities advertise online for those higher prices. The ones you see in grocery stores by the regular teas carry the same ingredients and herbs.


3 thoughts on “Diet Teas: Fab or Fad?

  1. I was just saying the same thing a few months back. Why spend a ton of money on what they advertise on social media when in reality you can buy something much cheaper at the grocery store or local drug store and get the same results. But even still most of the time the tea is just to detox.


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