Being an introvert can be challenging sometimes. I think I enjoy writing so much because its more of an introverted activity. You can express yourself in writing and get your thoughts out without being judged or being shy or afraid to say what you want to say. You won’t have to worry about people talking over you or you can’t completely get all your thoughts out. Or, when you’re in big social environments, your very standoffish and not around anybody.

I consider myself as an introvert, but I have asked two different people that are close to me and they have both said differently. One of them said I was an extrovert, which I disagree with. The other person said I am an introvert and extrovert meaning an ambivert. I think I have an explanation for their responses. I am a social introvert and when I’m around my friends (the two people I asked), I am an extrovert. I’m not afraid to be myself when I’m around my friends and or my immediate family.

An introvert are deep thinkers because they tend to speak in mind. They like to be alone with their thoughts, they think things through before they speak, get energized by being alone, like advanced notice of changes, good writers, work better alone, and like to get feedback in private. Extroverts like surprises, likes to dive in immediately, works better with a team, likes public acknowledgment, good speakers, likes to talk things out with others, and they get energized by being around others. Ambiverts are good listeners and talkers, good sense of trust, needs social and alone time, they are in the middle of introverts and extroverts. They know when too much alone time is a buzz kill. They know when being the center of attention is too much attention.

I consider myself an introvert, but I guess I could be classified as an ambivert as well. I love to be alone. I’m constantly speaking in my mind and I’m always alone with my thoughts. I considered myself a good writer and I do work better alone. I also like getting feedback in private. On the extrovert side of things, I do like surprises, overtime I have become a good speaker, but there is room for improvement, especially in social environments, and depending on the task at hand, I sometimes enjoy working in a team. So, I have grown into an ambivert. I’m more of an social introvert and an extrovert when I’m around familiar people.

In my experience as being an introvert, it has hindered me from being a social blossom. When I was in college, I never joined any clubs, I didn’t make any friends, sometimes I wanted to ask my peers about teachers and class assignments but decided against it. I just tried to avoid anything that had to deal with socializing with other people. I blossomed in online classes though. Being able to socialize behind the computer screen with classmates made it easy for me. I was able to socialize, participate, and feel like I was apart of something that dealt with school.

My advice to people who deal with social anxiety is trying to find someone who is socially introverted just like you. They are looking just like you in social environments. They won’t be socializing that much with people, keeping to themselves, and they will be on the shy side as well. So, I would try sparking up a conversation with those individuals. Most likely they are probably feeling the same way you are feeling.


I am a writer and a business owner.

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