I have always thought of myself as an independent and creative writer. My career goal is to be a writer preferably a screenwriter. When I learned that writing for television is a team effort, I was upset. I was in love with the idea of coming up with my own pilot script, selling it, and being the sole writer on the show if it ever got picked up for a full season. I almost threw the idea out of the window of being a staff writer. I was only going to try to do screenplays for regular films until I got more educated. I educated myself by writing.

They say the best way to learn how to write a film is to watch as many films as possible. I watch and study more television shows more than I watch films. I’m passionate about television because I feel like it’s ahead of film. It gives me more freedom to talk about current events. Film is a little behind on things. I feel as though a television show will display a bisexual male or female, before file will in the same light.

Since I’m passionate about television, I had to learn to come to terms that it’s a team of writers. I started writing for other people. I started submitting poetry and short stories to literary magazines for practice. They usually already have in mind what topic they like to read so, they generally publish those that fit the crime. If a health magazine favors those that writes about mental health, then writing about mental health is what I would write about. This taught me that people will give me a task, even if I don’t like the topic, but it’s up to me to be creative and make it my own and something enjoyable. That’s when I realized it will have to be the same with becoming a screenwriter for television. I have to find someone to make it enjoyable when working with a team on something that I’m passionate about.


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