Sources of Income

My ultimate goal in life is to be genuinely happy. I have career goals, family and friendship goals, relationship goals, life goals, fitness goals, and many other goals as well. I’m always talking about my career goals because I feel like it’s a stepping stone for all my other goals to take place, then I’ll reach my happy point.

My career goals are to be a writer and to own my own businesses. I believe in having more than one source of income. I have learned that getting your everyday pay check isn’t going to cut it if you want to live large. I want to have a big house, nice car, great career, kind of like a picture perfect, too good to be true kind of lifestyle. I don’t want something too overboard, but I do think I deserve to make doctor money without being an actual doctor.

Look at all the celebrities. They don’t just have just one occupation. They are singers turned actors turned business owners turned writers. They have their hands dipped into more than one thing. They are successful people and they have more than one income. So, I believe having more than one source of income coming in is more beneficial, especially if you like what your doing.

I think to myself all the time that my job may not be around forever Even though, I work in a hospital, I’m not a nurse or a doctor. Those jobs are something that’s always going to be around. I’m a unit clerk in the emergency department. They already call us unnecessary staff at my job so, that kind of proves my point.

On your way up to the top, there are ways that you can find extra income. It won’t make you a millionaire, but it’s something that will put a few extra dollars in your bank account.

Reselling items online
Online surveys
Teaching English as a second language online
Product reviews
Matched betting
Online market trading
Affiliate marketing

There are tons of other ways you could earn extra cash. Think of doing about three things off of the list I just gave plus your every day job. You won’t solely rely on just one income to pay your bills or something could go towards saving for a trip. Having more than one source of income is always a good idea if your trying to have wealth on your list of goals.


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