Weight Loss Tips

Dieting is hard. Anyone that has tried to lose weight knows that. It’s hard fighting the cravings, it’s hard to keep going at times, it feels like a never-ending journey, and an ongoing battle with your body. Knowing the basics about dieting can help you go along way on your weight loss journey. With determination, reaching your weight loss goals isn’t impossible with a few tips from my own experience with weight loss.

There is no magic pill to get rid of the weight. When you go shopping and you see those products like slimfast or hydroxycut, those are just appetite suppressants. A natural appetite suppressant is drinking plain water or room temperature green tea with nothing in it.

I lost 38lbs. total during my weight loss. I still have about 50 more pounds to go, but I have plateaued. I’m going to start changing up my diet and exercise routine. I am going to explain some dieting and exercising tips that helped me along with my journey.
When losing weight, the first thing you should do is know your body. Knowing your limits, hunger patterns, current weight, target areas, knowing what phase of activeness that your body is in, and be aware of what your body can and can’t handle. This is important because you will diet and exercise the right way according to your body’s limis.

The second thing you should do is if you’re a person who have cravings frequently, then you should find an appetite suppressant. I always had a chip craving, so this was an important step for me. I would drink water all day long and in the morning drink a luke warm cup of green tea.

After that, finding a diet that works well for you. Take into consideration that type of body you want to achieve and the body that you have now. I chose the Mediterranean diet. This is a high protein diet, low fat, low sugar, low carbs, low calories. I ate no more than 1200 calories a day and lots of chicken, fish, fruits, and vegetables. I cut out pasta, fast foods, sugary deserts, and snacks. This diet will allow me to lose weight and keep my muscle mass. Also, the high protein helps in the aid of gaining and toning my body as I worked out.

Finding out a workout regime can also be hard, but it’s a must. I did cardio five days a week. I would do one hour on the elliptical. The other two days I would incorporate some strength training. I would do abs, legs, and arms. I’ve always wanted a lean look to my appearance. I would recommend drinking lots of water to replace the water being loss from the sweating. Also, I don’t recommend working out seven days a week like I do. Your muscles do need a break. Five days at the most is a good amount of days to workout. Also, go slow and don’t take on more then you handle. You don’t want to have any injuries to your body.

The last thing you should do is love yourself through the process. I can’t express to you how important this is. When I started to lose weight, my stretch marks became lighter, but it seemed like I was getting more of them in unwanted place. Also, my skin became less firm and tighter. My cellulite seemed to be more visible as well. I had to come to terms that this was apart of the change that I was going to have to deal with in order to obtain the results that I really wanted.

I have a lot more weight to lose and toning to do for my body, but I am determined to achieve that goal. I have never worn a swim suit. I don’t wear shorts outside of my house. I only feel comfortable in yoga pants and sweat pants and shirts that are bigger than my actual size. I have never been able to wear crop tops or anything. I know there is a movement now where curvy and plus size is being more appreciated, but it’s all about confidence. I’m trying to achieve confidence. They say if you don’t like something, then change it.


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