Professionally Moving On

Determining when to leave a job can hard. Moving on professionally is something that most people face when they are after success in their career. So how do you know when it’s time for you to tale that leap of faith and move on professionally?

After I graduated college, I worked at three different jobs. One of them, I’m currently still employed. I’ve been employed there for almost two years in May. My very first job I had was Kmart. I was employed there for ten months. I started when I was seventeen and I was newly graduated from high school. I remember being young and temper barely being able to handle crap from other employers and customers. I remember storming out of their yelling I quit. At the time, I had had it with the HR lady that worked there. She thought she was a manager and she just loved to bother me. While working at Kmart, I worked at Burlington’s for a week. I found no value to my growth while working there so, I quit.

My second job ever was Walmart. This was the first job that I had quit to find better opportunities. I was still in college at the time and my manager always gave me issues when I needed to switch my schedule to accommodate school. I put school first and quit. I didn’t like her either so, that was a plus. When I quit this job, I got depressed because it took me another eight months to get another one that was worth the while. I had gotten one other job at big lots, but it felt like I was moving backwards.

When I got my big break in finding a job that enabled me to expand my skills, I immediately took it. It was a temporary position at a hospital being a sterile processing technician. I had to learn a completely different language when it came to medical terms. I had to learn a new line of work, but it had definitely helped me expand my skills. It made my determination stronger because of some of the challenges I faced while working there. When this job ended, I sunk into another depression. I couldn’t get another job for a year and three months after that.

The job I am currently working at now, I got as soon as I graduated college. I have worked at two different places while working here, but I also saw no value in me being there. Plus, I was used to working at the job I’m currently at. I work in a hospital as a unit clerk in the emergency department. I am currently in the process of trying to move on professionally.

The hardest part about moving on professionally isn’t doing the long applications over and over again, or the casual interviews you go on is the easy part. It’s hard to say goodbye to coworkers that you have grown to like. It’s hard to turn your back on a place that gave you a chance when you desperately needed someone to give you a chance in the first time. An employer should understand that the skills that you have acquired while working for them must be taken elsewhere in order to grow some more professionally. I mean, isn’t that the goal for the employer?

You could either ask for room for growth or find more opportunities that will allow you to do so. Currently, I am facing this problem. I feel like I have learned all that I could at this job and I’m ready to move on to something new. I want something in my actual chosen career field. The career that I went to college for, but buffalo doesn’t allow me to have that. Moving out of my hometown will be the only option for me in order for me to get to where I need to be career wise. Moving on professionally can take some time, but it’s necessary. It can be scary when your in a situation like me where relocating plays a big part moving on professionally. My advice would be to take your time, be patient, and keep trying because it is hard living in a different city and state and trying to get a job elsewhere, especially if it’s something that will enable you to move on professionally in a big way.


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