Getting Pass Discouragement

Everyone gets discouraged at some point in their life. Discouragement can be a big hinderer for people who have goals that that they want to achieve no matter if the goal is big or small. Dealing with it can be tough, but there are ways to overcome it. Have you ever heard of the saying “apply pressure and diamonds are created.” That’s how you have to go about things when you get discouraged about something.

I can name a few things in life that I have been discouraged about. When I was in college, I got discouraged so many times because of how some of professors taught their classes. Some of the homework assignments were just too outrageous and I thought that I would never finish. I feel like I’m a decent writer and I was getting C’s on everything for a while. I wanted to give up so many times. Also, another instance in which I got discouraged was the numerous amounts of times I attempted to lose weight. Before I stuck to it, there were so many times I was just wanted to give up because I didn’t trust the process.

Some of the things I did to deal with getting discouraged I wanted to share with people who have the same issue. Just some healthy tips can go a long way.

The first step you must do when you get discouraged is acknowledge it. Noticing that your being discouraged will help you with dealing with it. If you don’t know you’re on the verge of giving up, then how are you going to know when to approach it. The next thing your do is own it and accept it. You want to take authority over your discouragement. After that, talk it out. Find a person that’s respective, positive, and helpful that will make you feel safe about talking it out. Releasing confined feelings will be a major relief.

Also, helping someone else out is a way to help release those feelings of discouragement. When you help someone else out with something, it reminds you what kind of person you are. It reminds you that you’re bigger than just giving up and you will want to continue on whatever journey that got you in this discouraging mood. You will be able to let it go and focus on the bigger picture. Your vision will become more clear. Always want more for yourself. Don’t let discouragement stop you from being the best possible you.


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