If I had to pick an emotion that I no longer wanted to feel was anger. Anger is the easiest emotion anybody can show. Anger can make people do things that they will regret later. It will make them say things they don’t really mean. It can turn you into an ugly person.
anger 2
If I could no longer feel anger, do you know how happy I would be right now? I think I am angry at so many things in my life right now that smiling because life is good seems like a far-fetched dream.
anger 3

Anger drains you and sucks all the energy out of your mind, body, soul. People hang on to it for long periods of times, anger can turn into different other emotions such as madness, sadness, or faking your own happiness. It can turn your life upside down in ways that you wouldn’t have imagined. Anger makes you cry. It just turns you into a different person sometimes. So, if I could no longer feel anger to protect my happiness, then sign me up for that club.

anger 4


I am a writer and a business owner.

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