Blogging Troubles

Finding your niche is hard. I stopped blogging for about a month because I wanted to give up on it. I was so caught up in submitting short stories to literary magazine, I ignored my blogging platform. I’m usually working on multiple things as far as my writings, so I’m able to keep up with my blog, but I gave up on it. I couldn’t find my nice. I wasn’t gaining any followers. I wasn’t getting any likes or comments. Sometimes, it made me feel like I was posting for no reason. It may be interesting and important to me, but to others, no one cared.

I just wasn’t blogging right. It’s taking me a while to get the hang of this blogging thing. I do love to write and it’s a really great platform for me to voice my opinions, share my stories and thoughts on certain situations or feelings, or just simply share my accomplishments and goals. I have tried and approached different techniques to figure out my blogging style, but I think I’m going to continue to do it how I been blogging and try to gain followers just by simply being myself and showcasing my writing skills and voicing my thoughts and opinions on whatever comes to my mind.


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