Dealing with Anxiety

Does anyone else get anxiety while driving? I have never admitted to anyone how bad my anxiety is when I’m driving. I have been driving since I was seventeen but, it doesn’t get any easier. I try to avoid driving as much as I can when I don’t need to. I always say I I hate driving but, it’s because of how bad my anxiety is when I get behind the wheel. I’m always thinking the worst is about to happen, I’m holding my breath for long periods of time, my body is sometimes stiff and is tensed up, and I’m always praying that I get to my destination soon.

I’m always nervous and anxious the most when it’s time to switch lanes. I always think that someone is going to smash right into me. I’m always being very careful when I drive, but accidents happen. Just recently someone hit my car while it was parked and I was sitting in it. The girl knocked my mirror clean off. My anxiety has been through the roof since that day especially since my mirror isn’t on my car and it makes me super nervous about switching lanes because I can’t see out my side view mirror.


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