About Me

My name is Daijaha like Déjà vu. I was born and raised on the east side of Buffalo, New York. I graduated from Erie Community College in 2013 with my associate degree in General Studies. I majored in English and Minored in Film Studies at Buffalo State College where I earned my bachelor’s degree in 2017. I love writing and someday hope to make it my full-time career. I consider myself an introvert and being alone brings peace to my mind. Although I enjoy hanging out with my friends and family occasionally, I’d rather spend the day at home, on my laptop, writing a story, or reading a book or something. Maybe, watching TV as well.

Some of my interest are writing of course, reading, listening to music, analyzing film or television shows, and spending quality time with my family or friends. Occasionally, I like to pamper myself with a massage, wax, and pedicure as an interest if that counts.

My favorite TV shows are Friends, Pretty Little Liars, How to Get Away with Murder, Revenge, and Shameless. I love a show with good character development. I love to see change in the protagonist or the antagonist or both. Also, mystery is always something that will keep me interested and wanting more. I think all five of these shows have good characterization and you see a change in each of the main characters from episode one to the last.

My favorite books include Their Eyes Were Watching God, Night, Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café, and Jane Eyre.

I have lots of musicians that I love to listen to but if I had to choose someone I could listen to all day long and never get tired of listening to any of there music it would probably be Rihanna. I have been a die hard fan since pon de replay and I can listen to her music all day without getting tired of it. I probably can listen to Alicia Keys all day too because her voice is very soulful. Janelle Monae as well.

This blog is a compilation of things that are on my mind at the time and I feel like I should share with the rest of the world. From life hacks, to mental health, to beauty advice, to just basically venting, this blog will provide all of that. I consider it my safe space to be me and express myself.

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